New Review: Daddy Issues – Deep Dream

What would you do if one day you realised your favourite band didn’t exist? This was the dilemma facing a trio of young women in Nashville 4 years ago, they took the decision to join up and become their own favourite band. Daddy Issues was born and this week have released their first feature length album, Deep Dream.

On their previous songs, the band possessed a very raw, punk inspired sound with a focus on loud, fast guitar riffs. They seem to have matured somewhat on this new record, the sound is still grungy and very much lo-fi, but with a softer, more approachable and poppy edge to it. If you took one of the early 90’s female grunge bands like L7, Babes in Toyland or even Hole and asked them to produce an accessible grunge record, I think the result would be quite similar to what Daddy Issues are putting out here.

The tone of the album is very consistent through which is both a good and a bad thing. Some of the tunes in the middle can blend into each other and up being quite forgettable but, on the plus side, the music is well polished and there aren’t any tracks that stand out as being particularly bad. How can a track stand out as being bad when it doesn’t stand out at all?

Lyrically, Daddy Issues come across as a witty and sarcastic in the same vein as the likes of Colleen Green and Courtney Barnett. This is to the bands benefit as they’re able to tackle a range of issues with varying levels of seriousness, from bad relationships to sexual abuse, without coming across as preachy or putting a downer on the album. Common themes on the record are identity, self worth and the general day to day struggles of being a woman in your 20’s. The way these topics are handled give the album an incredible amount of relateability and often the situations presented were things I’ve been through or sounded like conversations I’ve had with myself.

While there aren’t any stand out performances here, there doesn’t really need to be. The album gives off the impression that a normal group of friends, who perhaps didn’t have much experience of playing the instruments they’d decided to play, deciding to make the music they want to make together for their own enjoyment. There’s a real positive. almost friendly atmosphere about this release.

Mileage may vary on Daddy Issues debut album, if you’re a fan of artists like Colleen Green, Diet Cig or Charly Bliss, I think you’ll enjoy this record as much as I did. If you don’t enjoy a lo-fi or grungy sound, then there might not be much for you to enjoy here. Personally, I had a great time listening it and would recommend checking it out.

Rating: 8/10

Best Song: Locked Out

Worst Song: Dog Years



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