Childish Gambino Retires?

Over the weekend, hip-hop recording artist Childish Gambino took to the stage at a festival in New York and implied that his next album would be his last.

“I’ll see you for the last Gambino album”

But does this spell the end for Donald Glover’s musical career? With every release, the artist seems more eager to experiment with his sound and more confident to deviate from the popular hip-hop trends of the moment. His experimentation reached an apex with “Awaken, My Love!”,¬†where he ditched modern hip-hop sensibilities completely in favour of a sound inspired by funk and soul of the 70s. Abandoning the Childish Gambino moniker would allow Glover to continue to experiment further, but without needing to worry about the audience having preconceptions of what his work should sound like.

When looking at the career of Donald Glover, it’s clear music has had a profound influence on his life and producing music is a true passion of his. Indeed, he was making mixtapes before he started starring in any TV shows. So then it’s unlikely that the next Gambino album will be last we hear of Glover musically. Regardless, his latest album is still fresh and with no release date announced, we’ll likely be waiting a few years for this supposed last album.


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